Our Products & Services

Our business mainly comprises of (i) manufacturing of overhead conductors and (ii) EPC / turnkey projects for erection of sub-stations and construction of transmission and distribution lines. A detailed description of our products and services is given below:

Products manufactured

Overhead conductors ("OC") are vital in the construction of power transmission and distribution lines and various other areas of the power sector. We manufacture overhead conductors such as all aluminium conductors ("AAC"), aluminium conductors steel reinforced ("ACSR"); and all aluminium alloy conductors ("AAAC") in the range of 11 KV to 765 KV, including 800 KV HVDC conductors which are used for the purpose of construction of power transmission and distribution lines. Following is a brief on OCs.

Overhead conductors:

Overhead conductors are engineered from electrolytically refined aluminium, which contains 99.5% of aluminium. Due to its various features including corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and being shock proof, these overhead conductors are used in overhead transmission and distribution lines. They also have diverse applications and hence are used commonly in the power transmission and distribution sector. The entire assortments of OCs are extensively used in the urban and rural areas for construction of power transmission and distribution lines. These conductors are made up of more than one (1) strand and can go upto sixty one (61) strands of aluminium wires, as per the requirements of the end usage. Given below are the various types of OCs manufactured by our Company:

  • All Aluminium Conductors ("AAC")
  • Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced ("ACSR")
  • All Aluminium Alloy Conductors ("AAAC")

Apart from the above, we also manufacture ground wires and GI wires which are also used in the laying of transmission and distribution lines.



Our Company provides complete EPC / turnkey projects in the power transmission and distribution sector including a spectrum of services for rural and urban electrification, i.e., transmission and distribution of power from construction of sub-stations to laying the transmission lines and the laying of distribution lines to the end users for electricity. Given below is a brief description of our services:

Construction and laying of transmission and distribution lines

Our Company provides complete EPC / turnkey solution for designing, sourcing, erection, testing and commissioning of transmission and distribution lines of up to 220 KV. Construction of transmission and distribution lines involve route surveys, designing, foundation, erection and stringing services, that is to say, conducting surveys over multiple terrains, including rivers and other water bodies, hills and deserts, laying of concrete foundations for the towers, erecting towers on the foundations, fitting insulator and other hardware, stringing of conductors, ground wire and cables, testing and commissioning of lines etc. The customers from whom we receive the orders for construction and laying of transmission and distribution lines rely on our wealth of experience to construct and maintain safe and reliable electric utility infrastructure. With the support of the latest machinery, we have been able to provide quality and cost effective services to our customers. Since our inception, our Company has laid down 283 kms of transmission lines and 30,709 kms of distribution lines upto June 30, 2018.

Setting up of sub-stations

Our Company has proven expertise in the designing (electrical, civil and structural), sourcing and supply, construction and project management of the sub-stations of various capacities. Our scope of work in the sub-station project includes all activities from survey of the site, to designing, procurement of requisite materials, inspection of the materials, civil works and foundation, erecting, testing and commissioning of the sub-station.

Gas insulated switchgear sub-station

Our Company has executed one gas insulated switchgear substation project for a state power utility of 220 KV/132 KV/33 KV. It was setup by using a range of products at all voltage levels, which is efficient, safer and reduces transmission loss. Using our experience, we are able to design sub-stations in a compact manner so as to reduce the overall cost of the projects, making erecting work easier and faster.

Power generation project (wind energy based power plant)

Our Company has setup a wind energy based power plant under the "Policy for Promoting Generation of Electricity through Non-Conventional Energy Sources – 2004" issued by the state Government of Rajasthan with a capacity of 1.50 MW at Jaisalmer which became operational in FY 2010-11. We have entered into a tripartite power purchase agreement with one of the leading companies (which provides renewable energy solutions) and a state power utility on September 2, 2010 for supplying power for a period of twenty years, from the wind power plant to the grid at Jaisalmer.